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Photo of Dan Esquivel

Dan Esquivel

"When you enjoy something so much, it’s hard to give it up”. This quote from Dan Esquivel is much more than just words, it is the reason he has spent 50+ years behind the wheel of a truck. Starting at the early age of 10, Dan began driving equipment on the farm. Soon, he was hauling grain. Fast forward 30 years, Dan is still behind the wheel, enjoying every minute. Fortunately for Nu-Way, the past 13 years of Dan’s career has been with us, and we hope for many more.

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Photo of Vown Epperson

Vown Epperson

Vown Epperson came to Nu-Way over 6 years ago after serving nearly 35 years in the industrial gas field. Vown’s role at Nu-Way is that of an On Site Manager, domiciled in the state of Kansas, overseeing multiple accounts in different states. Although the majority of his background lies in the industrial gas field, Vown’s willingness to learn and understand other business within Nu-Way has allowed us to rely on him elsewhere.

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Photo of Mike and Elaine Summers

Mike and Elaine Summers

Mike and Elaine Summers have been running as a “team” at Nu-Way for 3 years. They service our cryogenic customer Praxair, running from coast to coast, delivering to the ports and everywhere in between. Prior to Nu-Way, Mike spent 30 years in the transportation industry, the majority of that with Frito Lay. Elaine, on the other hand, transitioned out of the IT field 5 years ago to join Mike in transportation. She spent the prior 20 years as a self-proclaimed “computer geek”. While at Nu-Way, they have, in a way, switched roles from their prior careers as now Mike prefers to handle the on board computer work and Elaine enjoys the inspection and upkeep of the equipment.

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Photo of Wade Williams

Wade Williams

Wade Williams has been a proud member of team Nu-Way for over 9 years. In those years, Wade has been involved with everything from hours of service compliance, accident investigations to driver recruiting and new driver orientations. Recently, Wade has transitioned into his new role as Safety Director.

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Photo of Wes Leenerman

Wes Leenerman

Wes Leenerman is an 18-year member of Team Nu-Way and drives for the Albertsons account. Prior to Nu-Way, Wes drove for an agriculture/machinery company, and in total has spent 40+ years in the cab of a truck. Over the 18 years with Nu-Way, as an OTR driver, Wes’ excellent work ethic and dedication has allowed him to concentrate his efforts on 2 customers. Working a dedicated account has allowed Wes to know his customers and their expectations, allowing him to serve them in the Nu-Way spirit.

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