It's not what we do, it's how we do it

Nu-Way holds quarterly safety meetings with its drivers to heighten safety awareness, share performance results, and provide safety training. At Nu-Way's annual year end meetings in December, we present the annual safe driving awards to the drivers who have achieved another year of safe driving. We feel it is important for our drivers to receive this kind of recognition since safety is paramount to the success of Nu-Way.

Another tool that Nu-Way uses to get our Safety messages to the drivers is the use of this website. Through our website, our drivers can view our personalized safety messages, videos, and download newsletters and handouts right from their homes.  Our drivers also have access to our Learning Management System(LMS) where they can take additional online training modules to enhance their driving skills.

The Nu-Way Incentive Program is designed to reward top performers for being safe and reliable.  Our drivers are paid each March, June, August and December. The difference with Nu-Way’s program when compared to other companies is that it increases the longer you are an active full time driver. For a 1st year driver, the maximum available payout is $2000.00 or $500.00 for each quarterly period. The annual payout increases each year, capping out at 7 years..

Nu-Way currently maintains a SATISFACTORY rating from the Department of Transportation, which is the highest possible rating allowed. The success of our company and the overall quality of service that Nu-Way provides is directly proportionate to the quality of drivers that we hire and employ. Our reputation in the industry helps us attract and maintain such a select group of drivers.


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