Dedicated accounts. Dedicated runs. Dedicated drivers. Dedicated to you.

Reason number 1.

Nu-Way has grown in size and reputation in each of its 20+ years in business.

A leader in the transportation industry, the Nu-Way reputation speaks for itself. We treat our customers right. We treat our drivers right. As far as owner Vernon Schrof is concerned, "when you treat people right, the sky is the limit when it comes to future growth of Nu-Way." How can Nu-Way sustain that kind of growth? Simply by attracting and retaining a professional driving base and continuing to deliver results to our customer base.

Reason number 2.

Personal and professional commitment to customers and employees alike.

How? Through the ongoing efforts of a committed management team and corporate-wide practice of adhering to the core values and beliefs that make up the Nu-Way experience; honesty first, integrity, trust, dependability, reliability, commitment and sincerity.

Reason number 3.

Commitment, longevity and recognition.

Many employees that currently drive for Nu-Way have been with the company for years and our driver turnover is consistently well below the industry standard. Why such loyalty? Simple. Nu-Way takes care of those that support and serve their growing customer-base. Without satisfied drivers, Nu-Way wouldn't have satisfied customers. In exchange for their dedication, Nu-Way offers a very comprehensive driver pay and benefit package.

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