Health Insurance

Nu-Way's medical insurance plan is administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois. For many people, medical insurance is no longer a "want"….it is a necessity. Medical care costs have skyrocketed over the past several years. At Nu-Way we are committed to providing medical insurance that not only protects physical health, but our financial health as well.

Vision reimbursement benefits are extended to Nu-Way employees that are covered by our comprehensive health plan. Nu-Way also offers a Dental Insurance Plan.

With the provision of health, vision and dental insurance to full-time employees, Nu-Way protects the interest of those that are driven to excellence.

Compensation and 401(k)

In addition to the opportunity to work on dedicated accounts, Nu-Way is pleased to offer pay and benefits that allow its drivers an exceptional overall compensation package. Nu-Way strives to always be competitive with driver pay. Pay is determined based upon the Account assignment. Driver and account pay reviews occur on an annual basis to insure that Nu-Way compensation maintains its competitive edge for quality drivers in the industry.

Nu-Way has a 401(k) plan available for full-time employees who would like to participate. To encourage and help employees plan for their future, Team Nu-Way offers a very generous 50% matching contribution on the first 6% of any employee 401(k) contribution. New full-time employees are eligible for this benefit on either January 1 or July 1, following 90 days of employment. We are pleased to inform you that during the economic downturn we have kept our commitment to helping employees toward their retirement goals by continuing the company match portion of our 401(k) plan.

Nu-Way Incentive Program

The Nu-Way Incentive Program is designed to create an environment where each employee is driven to excellence reaping the monetary benefits by attaining high standards in areas of attendance and safety.

The Nu-Way Incentive Program is designed to reward top performers in the areas listed above with incentive dollars paid each March, June, August and December. The difference with Nu-Way’s program when compared to other companies is that it increases the longer you are an active full time driver. For a 1st year driver, the maximum available payout is $2000.00 or $500.00 for each quarterly period. The annual payout increases each year, capping out at 7 years.