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Nu-Way Driver Incentive

  • Nu-Way Rewards Program

a unique industry rewards incentive program

What is the Nu-Way Incentive Program?  That question is better answered ... with a few questions of our own.  Question for highly specialized Nu-Way prospective drivers!

  • Are you determined to be safe?
  • Do you have desire to excel in customer satisfaction at each and every delivery?
  • Do you strive for perfection when it comes to attendance?

If so, then you have what it takes to become a Nu-Way driver.  Those that answered yes to the questions listed above will have absolutely no problem maximizing the benefits of the Nu-Way Incentive Program.

The Nu-Way Incentive Program is designed to create an environment where each employee is driven to excellence reaping the monetary benefits by attaining high standards in the following areas:

  • Attendance.
  • Safety.

The Nu-Way Incentive Program is designed to reward top performers in the areas listed above with incentive dollars paid each March, June, August and December. The difference with Nu-Way's program when compared to other companies is that it increases the longer you are an active full time driver. For a 1st year driver, the maximum available payout is $1600.00 or $400.00 for each quarterly period. The annual payout increases by $100 each year, capping out at 10 years.

The Nu-Way Incentive program has been very successful in encouraging top performance from its employees and one in which over 95% of its employees share in each year. Interested? Call the NuWay recruiting department at (309)834-2017, or apply online today.

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