Dan Esquivel

Professional Driver

"When you enjoy something so much, it’s hard to give it up”. This quote from Dan Esquivel is much more than just words, it is the reason he has spent 50+ years behind the wheel of a truck. Starting at the early age of 10, Dan began driving equipment on the farm. Soon, he was hauling grain. Fast forward 30 years, Dan is still behind the wheel, enjoying every minute. Fortunately for Nu-Way, the past 13 years of Dan’s career has been with us, and we hope for many more.

When Dan started at Nu-Way, he worked multiple accounts providing spot coverage as needed. He enjoyed this work as it was always different and he knew he was providing reliable coverage on these accounts while the normal driver was away. Later Dan transferred to OMG where he has worked for 5 years.  Whether it was different accounts each day or OMG for the last 5 years, Dan has always taken great pride in representing Nu-Way and exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Dan also appreciates the open communication Nu-Way has with it’s drivers.  He enjoys getting together at safety meetings, learning new information and technology that can help assist him and his fellow drivers every day. 

When away from his Nu-Way family, Dan enjoys traveling with Jacqueline, his wife of 41 years.  Often, Dan and Jacqueline include their immediate family in the festivities.  Their 3 children and 8 grandchildren are always willing to join in the fun.  They also enjoy spending time with their church family, as it is an essential part of their life.

Dan grew up on a farm as part of a family of nine.  His father made sure that all his kids, Dan included, learned the many lessons of life and hard work.  Dan acknowledges those days and years were hard but knows his father instilled the work ethic and integrity that makes him who he is today.  There is no doubt that Mr. Esquivel is just as proud of Dan as we are here at Nu-Way. 

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