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President's Message

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An Open Letter to The Nu-Way Family ...

Dear Friends:

As we approach the anniversary of our twentieth-year in business, I find myself in a period of joyful reflection, looking back on our accomplishments, successes, learning experiences and relationships. How proud I am of each and every employee. Your dedication has been instrumental in building the Nu-Way brand and achieving monumental service milestones. How honored I am with each and every customer engagement. It is your trust that drives our dedication to delivering industry leading solutions. It is these kinds of strong relationships, unique experiences and historical inroads since 1994 that have lead me to a simple conclusion ... our proud history is critical to our future.

Now more than ever, reflection has given way to crystal clear vision. I see the road before us in a 'new way'. I look ahead at the future of Nu-Way and how you and I will walk together toward strengthening our relationship now and for years to come. While the excitement of new beginnings can be fleeting, the long-standing Nu-Way core values of honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment and teamwork remain. Whether valued employee or customer, our 'mission' hasn't changed ...

"Nu-Way is in the business of listening and creating logistics, supply-chain and transportation solutions, to solve and support the efforts of our employees and customers in order to partner and provide industry expertise today and in the future."

While mission and core values remain a constant, our strategic engagement with you is changing and I couldn't be more excited about the boundless possibilities now on the horizon. These new changes will set the stage for a 'new' Nu-Way chapter, one that will tell the story of ensuring ongoing industry leadership, tremendous new growth, future successes, and more importantly, continuing the Nu-Way ... 'new way' of life.

First and foremost, I believe it is time for a logical 'logistics' succession. Effective immediately, Eric Kiefer will take the reigns of day-to-day operations at Nu-Way in the newly created role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). As many of you know, Eric has been a trusted member of the Nu-Way management team for 16 years. His resolve and dedication to Nu-Way along with his operations expertise helped solidify my decision of his selection. I'm extremely confident in Eric along with the rest of the Nu-Way management team; Kevin Huette, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brian Walder, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Dave Waibel, Vice President of Human Resources, all of whom stand ready to embrace this exciting new period of Nu-Way's evolution. Together I have no doubt that Nu-Way will continue to strive for and far exceed our already proven industry excellence.

Now at this point, some of you may be asking ... "but what about Vernon's role with Nu-Way?" So glad you asked. My role as President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board remains intact in more of an advisory role, collaborating with Eric and the Nu-Way management team. Rest assured, the same passion and vigor that helped me launch Nu-Way in 1994 remains as the very fabric of who I am, part of my own distinct Nu-Way DNA. The only difference you may experience is a change in my schedule and/or base of operation. My period of reflection also helped me realize that it's time to take one-step back and another to the side ... allowing me the opportunity to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor. I look forward to dedicating more time to my family, my community and some of my personal pursuits. Striking a balance between career and personal endeavors is an important next step for Nu-Way and for me.

Please know that I wouldn't have been able to do this if I didn't have the utmost confidence in Eric, Kevin, Brian, Dave ... and you! With new direction, drive, and momentum, Nu-Way remains as a responsible steward to those that matter most .... you. Nu-Way will continue the tradition of sustainability, advancement and industry excellence. And so together, let us turn the page on this next most exciting chapter of our Nu-Way.

My very best.

-Vernon Schrof